Mission Statement / Nuestra Misión

 We want the owners of affordable apartments in New York State and elsewhere to rent them out - and not just warehouse them.

  • Keeping those apartments empty often endangers tenants living in adjacent apartments - by letting the vacant apartments become dumps and fire hazards.
  • Keeping those apartments empty means that the 90,000 or so homeless people in New York State (the bulk of whom are in New York City as we are), have even fewer places to live.
So we support City and State bills that would change this situation.  We're urging a City bill, under City Council Member Carlina Rivera, that would keep tenants safe in buildings where many apartments are warehoused - by requiring the registration of apartments warehoused for prolonged periods of time, and inspections of those apartments to ensure they are code compliant and not fire traps or harboring vermin, etc.  We support NYS Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal's bill to end warehousing. 

If you agree with these goals, join us as a member organization or a support group, and participate in our meetings every two weeks.  

Contact lrenique@lossures.org for more information. 

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