Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Call Gov. Hochul to reduce Frankensteining

There are 4 tenant bills that  Gov. Hochul needs to sign lickety split.  Check out the video

Call Gov. Hochul's office. Click here to do it through your computer, or just dial 
518-474-8390. You can email her too. Tell her, 

Tenants need Gov. Hochul to sign S2980, A4047, A6843 and A 3484 to reduce warehousing and Frankensteining, and keep more rent stabilized apartments available

  • at honest rents 
  • by landlords known to their tenants, and 
  • enable more municipalities to decide whether they want the same. 

Please sign these bills as soon as they cross your desk! Thank you. 


Join the Coalition to End Apartment Warehousing, Housing Justice for All and other groups at a 

Rally to Urge Gov. Hochul to Sign the Bills!

  • S2980/A6216 (Reducing Frankensteining, fraud, and other loopholes to escape rent stabilization - Sen. Kavanagh, Assembly Mem. Rosenthal)
  • A4047 (Calculating rent overcharges going forward - AM Dinowitz)
  • A6843 (Enforcing vacancy surveys so municipalities can decide whether to join rent stabilization - AM Clark)
  • A3484 (Ensuring transparency for limited liability corporations - AM Gallagher and Sen. Hoylman-Sigal)

Wear a Frankenstein costume (or not), and let's urge the Governor to sign those bills when they cross her desk! 

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