Thursday, April 20, 2023

City looks at warehousing, Mayor has proposed "Unlocking Doors"

Mayor Adams is responding to the crisis of tens of thousands of people who need apartments while tens of thousands of apartments are being warehoused.  Is subsidizing landlords who might (illegally) refuse to rent to voucher holders, and whose apartments may need updates due to negligence the way to go?

City to Rehab 'Chronically Vacant' Rent-Stabilized Apartments for Tenants with Vouchers

The initiative will invest $10 million to repair up to 400 stabilized units that have sat empty, and turn them over to tenants with rental assistance vouchers—what the administration described as a “creative way” to boost the city’s affordable housing stock and increase options for voucher holders, who often facing discrimination from landlords and brokers.

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Monday, April 3, 2023

Tenants Demand an End to Warehousing & Frankensteining!

Tenants rallied against Frankensteining on March 9, 2023 on the Lower East Side and March 23 in Brooklyn.

TAKE ACTION: Ask Sen. Brian Kavanagh to get his bill, S.2980 passed to end Frankensteining. 

TAKE ACTION: Let's get City Council Intro. 195 passed.  Contact your City Council member today!  (Thanks to all those who are supporting it already.)

Thanks to St. Nick's Alliance for the top and bottom right photos and to the Cooper Square Committee for the bottom left photo.  All photos used with authorization. 

NYC Comptroller report cites warehousing as big problem

  NYC Comptroller's Spotlight:  NYC's Housing Supply Challenge , Feb. 13, 2024:  EXCERPT: One particular area of concern in the gap ...